How I went from blonde to pink and back to blonde with NO bleach!

I’ve always been fascinated by bright pink hair color. I think its so bold and fun but I was leery of dying my blonde hair to pink and not being able to get it back to blonde!

I discovered that target sold a temporary tint by Kristin Ess called “Rose Gold Temporary Tint”. Basically its a spray you put on wet hair, massage it in and cover root to tip, or whatever you want pink (you have to have blonde hair for this to work!) and leave on 2-3 minutes.

After you rinse condition, do not shampoo and voila you have pink hair! It definitely works but the question is, will it fade out??

So here are my results after 1 shampoo, I started with bleach blonde hair for a photo shoot I did, then I dyed it pink that night, and 2 days later shampooed. I think its fading really nicely and I’m seeing my blonde come back quick!