Local Mom Goes Viral Calling Out Alyssa Milano

A West Michigan mother has gone viral after calling out Alyssa Milano as one of her tweets seemed to take aim at those who were voting for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in an online contest.

During last week’s Vote for Miracles contest, Milano posted a tweet that seemed to take issue with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital winning the contest simply because Milano has a dislike for Betsy Devos. Many think that the tweet was politically motivated.

The mom, Jessica VanderGraaf, said in part, “please know that your call away from our hospital out of the hatred you have for someone else really broke this special needs mama heart, and many others in our community I’m sure…because at the end of the day, you didn’t hurt Betsy DeVos, you hurt my son.”

See her entire post here: An open letter to Alyssa Milano

Milano’s tweet that spurred the response is below: