Nickelodeon’s “All That” is coming back with original cast!

Fellow 90’s kids remember the sketch comedy show on Nickelodeon that launched the career of Amanda Bynes, Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell; “All That”.

I was probably one of the biggest fans of that show growing up and to this day I make stupid jokes and references that no one seem to remember. Like c’mon you’re trying to tell me you don’t remember, “Saggin baggin Barry”??

If the show making a comeback with many of the original cast-mates including Lori Beth Denberg, and Josh Server wasn’t big enough news; the first musical guest will have your inner tween screaming.

The Jonas Brothers are set to perform, June 15th on the show!

I am already setting my DVR! While so much has happened can we agree, an appearance by Amanda Bynes as “Ask Ashley” is a must??