Blue Bridge Beef Bahn Mi – Rachael Gray & Ken Evans Grandwich Submission

Rachael Gray & Ken Evans have partnered with Rockwell Republic in this year’s Grandwich competition!

There are over 29 restaurants competing in this year’s Grandwich competition, including us, Hot-FM!

Our sandwich is the Blue Bridge Beef Bahn Mi. Here’s what’s in this delicious sandwich:

BBQ Beef Shortrib Sandwich: braised beef shortrib, Korean BBQ, carrot, cucumber, pickled onion, charred shishito, black bean aoili and cilantro on a toasted sesame bun (picture below)

If you’d like to try our creation, visit Rockwell Republic on Division Ave in downtown Grand Rapids and don’t forget to vote for our sandwich!

Side note: If we beat Tony and Michelle from our sister station, 97LAV, a dollar from every sandwich will go to GR Whitewater. Help us out!