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Did A Tomato Plant Cause A Fire?

Saranac: Jenny Kodat says her 11-year-old child noticed smoke coming from the back deck of their home Sunday afternoon. When Kodat searched for the source, she found the potted tomato plant that’s been sitting on her deck since June was on fire. “The pot was completely burned. And this was on fire and so was…MORE

Bridge St. Market Grand Opening Set

The new Bridge Street Market has announced their Grand Opening Date. The store is scheduled to open at 8am on Wednesday August 29th with a ribbon cutting at 10am.MORE

Two Dead After Drownings In Grand Haven

GRAND HAVEN, Mich — Police say two people died, one remains in critical condition and two others are listed in stable condition after several water emergencies in Grand Haven on Sunday. Via FOX 17MORE

Pic: Ken’s Vacation Bear

Here’s the bear Ken & Rach were talking about this morning just feet away from Ken’s cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains.MORE

Vid: Waitress Slams Groper

A Georgia waitress has gone viral after slamming a man to the ground that groped her. Emelia Holden, 21, didn’t hesitate to take matters into her own hands when a man groped her during her shift at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s in Savannah, Georgia on June 30.MORE

Black Man Kicked Out Of His Apartment’s Pool

A manager at the River Crossing apartment complex in Indiana has been placed on leave after a renter says he was confronted and asked to leave the pool in what he believes was an incident of racial profiling. Shayne Holland says he lives at the River Crossing Apartments and was sitting at the pool last…MORE

Vid: Man Advocates For Legal Prostitution

At a recent meeting of the Lawrence, Kansas City Commission, a man named Chris Flowers proposed legalizing prostitution in a well-thought-out speech. He rationalized that massage therapists and proctologists already touch people in intimate areas, so it’s not a leap to allow prostitution. His video at the council meeting has gone viral. See it below.…MORE

This 17-Year-Old Girl Could Be Heading To Mars

`Alyssa Carson’s obsession with reaching Mars started while watching a cartoon `At the age of three, she told her dad she wanted to be an astronaut and visit Mars `Ever since she has undertaken as much training as possible in preparation `This has included simulated missions, underwater training and more `NASA doesn’t accept applications to…MORE

Vid: Mom Hack Causes Backlash Online

One mom’s viral parenting hack has caused backlash online. Many parents are upset that the mom is already resorting to screen use just to feed a baby while others point out that feeding the baby while lying back is a bad idea. What do you think? Hack or Whack Parenting?MORE