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Top Two Super Bowl Commercials In Grand Rapids

According to a very unscientific perusing of my twitter and facebook feeds last night, these seem to be the most popular Super Bowl commercials with West Michigan viewers last night. Do you agree? Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper for Doritos Game Of Thrones Take Out The Bud KnightMORE

Oberon Day Announced!

After this Polar Vortex whether you like winter or not we are all looking forward to spring and no more snow! Bell’s must have known that because announced in a tweet the release day of their beloved summer beer! No matter what the temperature is on March 25th, we’re drinking #Oberon. Mark your calendars and…MORE

Pickle Bouquets Are here Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

For a Pickle lover what more could you want for Valentine’s Day than a lovely pickle bouquet! This creation isn’t the first time a company wanted to add something different to the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, last year we had the wonderful pizza bouquet so why not add pickles to the mix. The thought behind…MORE

Consumers: All Clear To Turn Up Thermostats

After requesting that natural gas customers in Michigan turn down their thermostats, Consumers Energy now says you’re in the clear to turn up the heat. The request was initially made on Wednesday night when Governor Whitmer held a press conference and then authorized the activation of the state’s EAS system to push out the message…MORE

You Could Be Snowplowing Illegally

Did you know that if you’re shoveling or snow-blowing any snow into the roads you’re breaking the law? Officials in West Michigan want to remind everyone that if you’re doing this, you’re breaking the law. This can be an hazard to the public and to our plow drivers. Michigan Vehicle Code 257.677a prohibits depositing snow…MORE

Dangerous Cold Continues for West Michigan

From the National Weather Service: Dangerous travel will persist across much of West Michigan throughout the day. Expect snow showers with rapid changes to visibility (near zero at times), intense bursts of snow, gusty winds, and snow covered roads. Temperatures will be life-threatening to those caught outside, with wind chills tonight through Thursday morning between…MORE

MI Governor: Turn Down Thermostats

Due to a fire at a Consumers Energy natural gas compressor station earlier in Macomb County, the governor has asked residents across the state to turn down their thermostats tonight. Governor Whitmer has asked that residents turn down thermostats to 65° while at home.MORE

Why Don’t Some Counties Plow At Night?

The weather we’ve been seeing over the past couple of days is nearly unprecedented. With that, many have realized that not all counties plow throughout the night. The reason ultimately comes down to $$$. Many counties have limited resources and would rather their drivers be on the roads during the highest traffic periods.  The Allegan…MORE

Panic At The Disco Refunds?

While those who could make it to the show enjoyed a great concert, many were literally left in the cold as they couldn’t travel the treacherous roads to make it to the PATD show at Van Andel Arena. On the facebook event page many frustrated fans were offering tickets for free just so they wouldn’t…MORE