Jackie Green Visits WLAV for KISS

To celebrate KISS coming to Van Andel Arena our own Jackie Green visited WLAV to hook up their producer with his very own KISS look.MORE

Woman Uses Holocaust As Halloween Theme

A Florida home has a Halloween display that is causing controversy and outrage: skeletons saluting Hitler, with concentration camp identification numbers on their arms and a Star of David on their chests. The homeowner, Susan Lamerton, says the display is directed at the neighborhood’s homeowner’s association over a landscaping dispute, and that she is Jewish.…MORE

Halloween Fangs Get Stuck On Alabama Woman

An Alabama woman named Anna Tew dressed up as a zombie and paid $3 for a set of fake fangs to complete her costume, but when she couldn’t remove them from her mouth, she had to seek emergency dental work. Tew said she used the adhesive that was supplied along with the fangs, but the…MORE

Nearly Nude Bandit in East GR

Via FOX 17: Police are asking for the public to be on the lookout for a suspect accused of wearing underwear and acting odd on a West Michigan trail. Police say the man has not exposed himself or physically assaulted anyone. If you see him or have any information or has witnessed this man, please…MORE

Backstage At RAW After Roman’s Leukemia Announcement

Last night on WWE Raw things got very emotional backstage after Roman Reigns announced that not only has he been fighting Leukemia for the past 11 years, but it has returned. Our thoughts are with Roman and his friends and family. Go kick cancer’s ass.MORE

Is There A Gaga/Metallica Album On The Way?

Metallica Will Record Next Album With Lady Gaga Metallica fans might want to sit down for this. According to Kirk Hammett, the metal legends are recording a new album with Lady Gaga. The guitarist let the news leak in a now deleted message while responding to a fan on social media. When asked if the…MORE

Former GR Radio Personality Passes Away

Ashley Drake, affectionately known as ‘Roast Beef’ Ashley during her time on the ‘Freakshow’, has passed away after complications from what appears to be a heart attack earlier this week. She was a featured player on the show during it’s West Michigan run from 2005-2014. The show’s host Brian Holmes had this to say on…MORE