Britney Spears’ Latest Instagram Post Causes Her Fans To Worry

Fans are once again worried about Britney Spears. The singer took to Instagram over the past few days posting video of her in two different dresses, one black, one yellow with the caption, “Black n yellow is a bumble [bumble bee emoji] y’all …. as in B …. my name y’all !!!!” followed by several crazy eyes with tongue out emojis.

“Oh Lord we’re losing her again,” wrote one concerned fan. “I love her so much but I’m proper worried,” wrote another. “As you should be,” a third responded.

There has been quite a bit going on in Britney’s world as of late, the singer’s father has been accused of child abuse against her son and now he can’t have contact with either of them, leaving Kevin Federline with full custody.

Earlier in the day, Britney posted a meme that read: “All the good ones are a little crazy,” with the caption, “How good am I??”


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Black n yellow is a bumble 🐝 y’all …. as in B …. my name y’all !!!! 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

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