Woman Crush Wednesday: Megan Dooley

We need more women like Megan Dooley here in West Michigan! Megan is from Kalamazoo and one day was out bopping around downtown when she saw on facebook that there were a group of men in “Proud boys” t-shirts hanging out at a local brewery.

Megan Dooley

Not knowing what the proud boys were Megan did a little research and discovered they are in fact a hate group. She decided to go to the brewery and simply told them to their face; their hatred isn’t welcome in our town.

The blow back she received was insane, anonymous phone calls from proud boys threatening her, telling her they were going to show up at one of her shows and cause a scene, etc.

Megan didn’t let that stop her from performing that week anyway and none of the proud boys even showed up.

Megan didn’t let hatred win and is our September 4th “Woman Crush Wednesday”