Post-Surgery Taylor Swift Getting Emotional Over A Banana Is My New Favorite Thing To Watch

Taylor Swift proves that surgery can really bite and that she can be as cranky as the rest of us afterward. During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Swift was surprised by a post-op video of her freaking out over a banana.

Fallon tells Swift that he obtained the video from her mother who filmed the pop star after her Lasik surgery.

Taylor is seen trying to select a banana but she’s quickly upset over picking the wrong one. “That’s not the one I wanted,” Taylor whimpers as her mother tries to help her get another one. “What are we gonna do with this one, it’s doesn’t have a head,” a worried Taylor says as her mother tries to console her.

As she heads back to bed to eat her banana Taylor says, “Sometimes things don’t go your way,” and she is then seen lying in bed eating the banana, while her mother warns her not to fall asleep eating the banana.