Jason Momoa Feeds A Bear A Cookie From His Mouth

Jason Momoa had to fight a bear for his new Apple TV show “See” . . . and even though you can do anything with CGI these days, they decided to use a real bear.

But before Jason could rassle around with a real bear, it had to get his scent.  So he fed it a cookie from his MOUTH.  He posted a video on Instagram.

And then came PETA.  They’re upset that the show is using a real bear instead of a computer-animated one.

They said, quote, “Momoa apparently doesn’t realize that there’s no behind-the-scenes justice for this exploited bear.

“Wild animals are often torn away from their mothers as infants and thrown into a life in which trainers frequently use cruel techniques such as food deprivation, beatings, electric shocks and chaining to force them to perform.

“We hope he’ll refuse to participate in stunts involving wild animals in the future.”