Pink and Carey Hart Celebrate Their 14th Anniversary With Beautiful Tributes to Each Other

Pink and Carey Hart celebrated their anniversary together on Tuesday. The two celebrated 14 years together. While they both agreed their relationship definitely has its rocky moments, they both shared how much love they have for each other.

Carey took to Instagram to express to his wife how proud he is about the life they have built together.

“Both of us came from broken homes, yet we made the choice to work hard at our relationship. And look at us now! Two misfits when we met, we have grown together and now have an amazing family. Thank you for being my best friend (I know you don’t like that), and amazing mother to our wild kids. I love you so much,” Carey wrote on Instagram.

Pink also took some time to thank Carey for walking with her through life.  She then followed with different tips that have helped their relationship evolve.

“Agree to disagree, fight nice, we hate the same people, my rock, no one makes me angrier than you, but you’re super hot.”

These two prove that with love and commitment to each other, they are able to strengthen their relationship even more as the years go on.  Their relationship is serious goals and the love they share is so authentic and real!