Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Joined Her Mom On Stage for the HalfTime Show

As everyone knows, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed during the Big Game Halftime show.

There were quite a few special guests that took the stage along with them.  However, there was one that was incredibly special to Jennifer and she ended up stealing the show.

It was Jen’s daughter, Emmel Maribel Muñiz.  At only 11 years old, she joined her Mama onstage for the biggest performance of the year!

The world may have recognized  Emmel from her Mom’s instagram page.  Just last year, Jen posted a video of Emme singing “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys.  The little superstar may be new to the spotlight, but she has her mega talented Mom to help guide her along the way!

What a beautiful and incredible mother/daughter moment for these two!