The Weeknd Releases New Album ‘After Hours’

Among the craziness going on in the world, Abel Tesfaye, also known at The Weeknd just dropped his latest album After Hours.

The album follows his 2015 album Beauty Behind the Madness. 

The album seems to be inspired by his on-off relationship with model superstar, Bella Hadid.  On one of the songs “Save your Tears” Abel sings, “You walked past me like I wasn’t there/ And just pretended like you didn’t care.” This could most likely reference when Bella Hadid walked past him on the runaway for the Victoria Secret Fashion show, when The Weeknd was performing in the show as well.

Many songs are melancholy and emotional, as typical The Weeknd fashion.  Listeners are in for a treat with the introspective beats and angelic vocals that each song brings.

The album is doing very well already.  After Hours has broken a record for most pre-saves done on a record for apple music.  It was added almost a million times, and this was even before the album was officially out!

The Weeknd also announced that he will touring this record later this year.  More details will be coming soon.

If you need a break from the current reality of the world, take a listen to this new album!