Paul Stanley says he was ‘blown away’ by Demi Lovato’s Grammy performance

While a typical diehard rocker’s knee jerk reaction would likely be to despise all Disney-bred pop tarts, Paul Stanley apparently isn’t among them. The singer-guitarist has taken to the Internet to shower Demi Lovato with accolades for her performance at Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony.

Stanley says he was “blown away” by Lovato’s performance, which marked her first onstage appearance since she suffered an overdose a year-and-a-half ago. “Rewatching the Grammys,” Stanley tweeted on Wednesday, “and once again blown away that the most powerful spectacle of the evening was a woman standing at a piano, baring her soul and struggles while reaching amazing heights with her lyrics and melody. Demi Lovato… WOW!”

Lovato had to restart her performance of “Anyone” on the live telecast when she became too choked up to sing in her first attempt.

Is it surprising when you hear a rocker likes music from another genre? Which of today’s pop stars do you think will still be around in 20 years?