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FATAL FRIDAY: The Tale of the Lethal Lovers

This week Kenny from “You’re Killin me GR” joins us to tell us about the “Lethal Lovers” who wreaked havoc on what was formerly known as “Alpine Manor” back in 1987.MORE

FATAL FRIDAY: The Untimely End to Warren G. Hooper

This week on Fatal Friday Kenny from “You’re Killing Me Grand Rapids” tells us all about the political underbelly of Grand Rapids back in the 1940’s and how poor Warren G. Hooper got mixed up in something that would lead to a fatal end.MORE

FATAL FRIDAY: The Heritage Hill Murders

This week on Fatal Friday we welcome guest Kenny to the show from “You’re Killing me Grand Rapids” a podcast all about true crimes that happened here in West Michigan. This week we discuss the Heritage Hill serial killer that plagued Grand Rapids for almost a decade!MORE