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Katy Perry Once Got Suspended For Humping A Tree

Yes, really. Katy was going through some of her old stuff recently with her parents, when she found the suspension report from her Christian School from 1996. It said, quote, “At the 2:00 P.M. recess, Katy and four other students were in an ‘off-limits’ area (behind the backboards) practicing a skit. Katy pretended that a…More

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger Are Engaged

Too soon? Chris Pratt has just announced that he and his girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger are engaged only 3 months after his divorce from Anna Faris who had been married for 8 years was finalized.   View this post on Instagram   Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes! I’m thrilled to be marrying you. Proud…More

Bohemian Rhapsody “Sing Along” Coming To West MI Theaters!

We’ve got your weekend plans covered. If you’ve held off on seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody” until you can watch it with a bunch of people you don’t know . . . who are belting out the songs at the top of their lungs along with the movie . . . well, today’s your day. A ‘sing-along’ version of…More

Man Brings Dead Raccoon Into McDonald’s

In San Francisco, a bystander went live on Facebook Sunday morning after he saw a man put a bloody, dead raccoon on a table of a McDonald’s. In the video, which quickly went viral, the man in black sat with the raccoon for several minutes, then left. Another man, who was wearing gloves, got up…More

Guys Get “Movember” Now Women Have “Januhairy”

We have all heard of men choosing not to shave during the month of November in order to promote awareness for men’s health. Now, women around the world are feeling liberated with “Januhairy.” A girl out of the UK started the campaign & she says it has given her a new confidence in her body.…More

Woodstock 50th Anniversary Confirmed

Woodstock is celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer, and as expected, there WILL be an anniversary ‘Woodstock 50’ this August. Yesterday, Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang confirmed that a three-day anniversary festival is coming to Watkins Glen, New York on August 16th, 17th and 18th.  The original concert happened on the weekend of August 15th in 1969. Supposedly…More

Gordon Ramsay Gets Inappropriate With Sophia Vergara In 2010 Video

In an old video that hit Twitter last night, Gordon Ramsay is seeing being very inappropriate on “The Tonight Show,” with Sophia Vergara. The interview is from 2010, and as some people on Twitter have put it, it is pretty uncomfortable. He touches her multiple times & makes more than one sexually harassing comment. Sofia…More

Beyonce Shopped at Target & Twitter Is Freaking Out

Twitter users lost their mind when a picture of Beyonce surfaced of her shopping at Target. A fan managed to snap a clear picture of Beyonce strolling down the aisles at Target in an orange jumpsuit and white sunglasses. Chrissy Teigen even got in on it…. Beyonce you are so silly, I can just send…More

Britney Spears Puts Las Vegas Residency On Hold

Britney Spears is putting her Las Vegas residency on hold, after her father suffered a ruptured colon.   View this post on Instagram   I don’t even know where to start with this, because this is so tough for me to say. I will not be performing my new show Domination. I’ve been looking forward…More