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The Emmys Rundown

The critics weren’t kind to the final season of “Game of Thrones”, but Emmy voters dug it.  The show picked up two awards last night:  Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor for Peter Dinklage.    But it won 10 trophies at the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend, for a total of 12.  That ties the record “Game of Thrones” set…More

Meet our Tail of the Week!

  SILAS Look at that smile! This one-year-old boy could be a model! He’s been at the Humane Society for a just a few weeks, and has already won over the hearts of many volunteers. FUN FACTS:  LIKES: pup cups from Starbucks, Hamburgers from McDonald’s, and taking car rides! LOVES: to chill! Silas will lay next…More

Woman Crush Wednesday: Rebecca Cruttenden

This week got to talk to Rebecca Cruttenden of Rockford. Rebecca is an ironman triathlete who raises 25,000 dollars a year for “Team Orphan”. When she’s not fundraising shes baking “Clara Cookies” – a protein cookie that she uses to fuel her training and sells in over 30 stores around Grand Rapids. All the profit…More

The Navy Says a Leaked UFO Video Is Real and Shouldn’t Have Gotten Out

Back in December of 2017, three videos were posted online that showed footage taken by Navy pilots that supposedly showed UFOs. Well, the Navy finally addressed those videos, and apparently they’re REAL.  And they feature, quote, “unexplained aerial phenomena.” And on top of that, they say the videos should never have been released to the public. Now…More

Truth or Dare Tuesday: September 17

This week for “Truth or Dare Tuesday” it was Jackie’s turn to spin the wheel. She landed on dare and Rachael dared her to wear her underwear and bra on the outside of her clothes and walk across the street to order breakfast! Check out the video of Jackie completing her “dare” here too!More

Kanye Creates His Own Version Of “Crocs.”

 Next year Kaney West is releasing his own brand of Crocs.  They’re not actual Crocs.  They’re called Yeezy Foam Runners, but they’re close enough.    Although some people have compared them to some kind of Nerf contraption.   There’s no word on how much they’ll cost, but you can probably bank on it being in the…More

“Saved By The Bell” Is Getting A Revival!

It was bound to happen sometime! The beloved TV series, Saved By The Bell, is getting a new series. Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley have already agreed to join the new series. It will stream on NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock. It will star Lopez and Berkley as new parents and Mark-Paul Gosselaar is also…More

Taco Bell Releases New Items to Vegetarian Menu

Taco Bell released new items for their vegetarian menu on Thursday, September 12. Taco Bell is always trying to improve their menu, for their meat eaters and non-meat eaters. They have added two new vegetarian options: Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme and the Black Bean Quesarito. Here at The Q, we are BIG fans of the…More

Snoop Dogg & Migos Share New Song for “The Addams Family”

Snoop Dogg & Migos teamed up for “My Family” – a new song appearing in the upcoming The Addams Family movie, that is due out on October 11. The song also features singer Karol G and producer Rock Mafia. Snoop Dogg will also lend his voice as Cousin It in the film. Other voices include…More