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Victoria’s Secret brings back swimwear!

Any woman preparing for spring break, or a vacation at all knows the place to get your swim suit is is Victoria’s Secret! A couple years back the lingerie brand announced they are getting rid of swim suits! I was devastated, they had the best swim swear and woman all over the internet were up…More

Netflix creates new series where you choose your destiny!

After the success of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” Netflix decided it was time to up the ante with another series that allows you as the viewer to “choose your destiny” In “Call of the Wild” you can really decide your fate and see if you could handle living in the wilderness!More

Pigcasso paintings selling for over 1000 dollars!

Now here is something I haven’t seen until now… a pig that paints! His name is “Pigcasso” and this guy can paint better than most adult humans! Pigcasso is a three year old pic that was rescued from an industrialized farming facility. The 1000 pound pig puts a paint brush in his mouth and hits…More

Adidas launches “Game of Thrones” shoe line

“Game of Thrones” fans get ready because not only is the show gearing up for it’s final season but you can now rock GoT sneakers! Adidas launched a new line of shoes that are straight FIRE, no pun intended… These sneakers are all about our favorite show, Game of Thrones. Check out the line here.…More

Hallmark Channel Drops Lori Loughlin Amid College Admissions Scandal

Karma has come for Lori Loughlin as the Hallmark channel has dropped Loughlin in light of her college admissions scandal. In a statement to CBS News, Hallmark parent company, Crown Media Network said in a statement, “We are no longer working with Lori Loughlin and have stopped development of all productions that air on the Crown Media…More

Cardi B Has Voices In Her Head

Cardi B, is never one to shy away from being open and honest with her fans. Yesterday, on her Instagram page she shared that there is something that occasionally makes her lose focus when in a conversation with people…   View this post on Instagram   Life A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on Mar…More

How To Tell If You Are The Favorite Child

Buzzfeed has put together a fantastic new quiz to help you discover whether or not, you are in fact, your parents favorite child. Here is a sample of the questions, do your parents spend more money on you or give you better gifts than your siblings? When asked about their kids, do your parents talk about you…More

Claire’s makeup recalled for possible asbestos

Apparently this is not the first time this has happened but the popular tween accessory store, “Claire’s” has a recall on three products for trace amount of tremolite asbestos! The FDA posted a recall on three of the products sold at the store including: Claire’s Eyeshadow, SKU #84716, Lot No. 08/17 Claire’s Compact Powder, SKU…More

Meet the new “Bachlorette” – Hannah B!

The Bachelor aired last night with their annual special, “After the Final Rose” I am not a huge bachelor fan, but I like to stay tuned to see who will be the next Bachlorette or Bachelor. This time they announced the bachelorette would be none other than Hannah Brown! The 24 year old former Miss…More