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Woman Crush Wednesday: Rebecca Cruttenden

This week got to talk to Rebecca Cruttenden of Rockford. Rebecca is an ironman triathlete who raises 25,000 dollars a year for “Team Orphan”. When she’s not fundraising shes baking “Clara Cookies” – a protein cookie that she uses to fuel her training and sells in over 30 stores around Grand Rapids. All the profit…MORE

Truth or Dare Tuesday: September 17

This week for “Truth or Dare Tuesday” it was Jackie’s turn to spin the wheel. She landed on dare and Rachael dared her to wear her underwear and bra on the outside of her clothes and walk across the street to order breakfast! Check out the video of Jackie completing her “dare” here too!MORE

FATAL FRIDAY: The Untimely End to Warren G. Hooper

This week on Fatal Friday Kenny from “You’re Killing Me Grand Rapids” tells us all about the political underbelly of Grand Rapids back in the 1940’s and how poor Warren G. Hooper got mixed up in something that would lead to a fatal end.MORE

Woman Crush Wednesday: Sasha Wolff

This week’s “Woman Crush Wednesday” is Grand Rapids native Sasha Wolff! Sasha is the founder of “Still I Run” a not for profit organization that aims to bring awareness to the 1 in 5 people suffering from mental illness. What started as a local group for people to use running as a therapeutic way to…MORE

Woman Crush Wednesday: Megan Dooley

We need more women like Megan Dooley here in West Michigan! Megan is from Kalamazoo and one day was out bopping around downtown when she saw on facebook that there were a group of men in “Proud boys” t-shirts hanging out at a local brewery. Not knowing what the proud boys were Megan did a…MORE

Jackie wears her wedding gown to meet the Jonas Brothers!

I promise there is a back story to this… Last week Rach and I were chatting about the Jonas Brothers and how they probably get some pretty crazy fans that meet them. That led to my love of Joe Jonas and how Jackie Jonas sounds pretty damn good. Well obviously that led to the idea…MORE

FATAL FRIDAY: The Heritage Hill Murders

This week on Fatal Friday we welcome guest Kenny to the show from “You’re Killing me Grand Rapids” a podcast all about true crimes that happened here in West Michigan. This week we discuss the Heritage Hill serial killer that plagued Grand Rapids for almost a decade!MORE

Mike Posner released from hospital after rattle snake bite

5 days ago Mike Posner was continuing his epic walk across the country when he was bit by a baby rattle snake. He had to be airlifted to a hospital where they treated him and today he was finally cleared to head home. He says he will continue his walk across the United States but…MORE

Lizzo’s “Tiny Desk” performance on NPR

Lizzo has been hot ever since her hit song, “Truth Hurts” started climbing the billboard top 100 charts. The singer was recently asked to go on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, where musicians are asked to perform behind a tiny desk. Even stripped down her songs are super powerful! Check out the performance here.MORE