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Faireverse comes to Kent County Fair Grounds

Renaissance meets comic con at Faierverse! Faireverse is two weekends in a row; May 18 and 19, 10am – 6pm May 25 and 26, 10am – 6pm May 27, 12pm – 6pm (Memorial Day) What can you expect from an event like Faireverse? Personal gaming area’s, contest’s LARPING, tarot reading, vendors, food trucks & so…MORE

Sia sings “Elastic Heart” at Church of Kanye

Although I find Kanye West’s, “Church of Kanye” to be a little “cult-ish” I have to admit that Sia performing “Elastic Heart” this past Sunday during the service was amazing. Each Sunday Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian gather together for a church service led by Kanye himself. The bigger the service gets the more…MORE

The cast of GOT says farewell in new video

Even though many people aren’t happy with the rushed final season of the hit HBO television series, “Game of Thrones” we can all agree we are sad to see the show end. Sunday night marked the final episode of the show based on the books by George R. R. Martin. The show had a record…MORE

Celine Dion puts on a show during “Carpool Karaoke”

“Carpool Karaoke” is my favorite segment that night time television host James Corden does on his show. If you haven’t seen the segment basically it goes like this; Corden invites a musical guest to join him for a car ride where they karaoke their own hits! You can always expect Corden to jump in and…MORE

Fashion fave or flop: Goth Crocs

Crocs have always been a controversial shoe. Frankly, they are ugly but that doesn’t stop most people from rocking them out and about (even when they aren’t gardening!) We’ve seen a lot of different versions of crocs, they even have began to make them customizable with buttons you can clip into the holes of the…MORE

Nickelodeon’s “All That” is coming back with original cast!

Fellow 90’s kids remember the sketch comedy show on Nickelodeon that launched the career of Amanda Bynes, Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell; “All That”. I was probably one of the biggest fans of that show growing up and to this day I make stupid jokes and references that no one seem to remember. Like c’mon…MORE

LaCroix just announced its newest flavor and we are all in

LaCroix has been around for ages but it seems a couple years ago it really blew up when everyone and their mom were drinking the flavored, carbonated water. While my ride or die is pamplemousse I definitely am all in for the newest edition of the sparkling magical drink. People on the internet had been…MORE

Trailer for upcoming Jonas Brothers documentary is released

If you are a true Jonas Brothers fan then you already know about the upcoming documentary on the brothers. The film follows the Joe, Nick and Kevin as they get ready for their upcoming tour and the drop of their new album. If you are emotional this make tug at the heart strings as you…MORE

Animal cruelty investigation in Teen Mom case

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have had a tumultuous relationship from the beginning. MTV has been close to giving him the boot from the hit television show “Teen Mom” for years. Now he’s finally gone far enough that MTV wants nothing to do with him. In a recent video posted online Jenelle’s french bulldog Nugget…MORE

Justin Bieber opens up about crippling anxiety

Justin Bieber is not a newcomer to social media. In the past we have seen him share a ton of personal information on his Instagram and last night the star did just that. Bieber posted a black and white selfie with a caption all about dealing with crippling anxiety. He goes on to talk about…MORE