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Official trailer for CATS

The hit broadway musical CATS is now being made into a major motion picture! There are some big name celebs in this movie including Jennifer Hudson, James Corden and Taylor Swift! Check out the trailer below!MORE

Where you can get Elevens dress from Stranger Things Season 3

By now you’ve probably binge watched all of Stranger Things season 3 on Netflix. One big thing is our girl Eleven has a little bit of a new look! View this post on Instagram the girls are * thriving * and the boys are * a mess * A post shared by Stranger Things (@strangerthingstv)…MORE

Justin Bieber does the bottle cap challenge

A few weeks ago the “bottle cap challenge” went viral. Basically its a karate kick to a bottle which can spin the cap fast enough to open the bottle. Justin Bieber is the latest to attempt the challenge and in his video he challenges his wife Hailey and Tom Cruise. Did I miss something? Why…MORE

First trailer for live action “Mulan”

“Mulan” is one of my favorite Disney movies! I still can sing the words to every song from the original movie and I have attempted to get my daughter to watch it a number of times in the hopes she’ll finally stop watching Frozen. As all Disney movies appear to be getting a “live action…MORE

Mike Posner walks across America

We know him from his hit song, “I took a pill in Ibiza” but Mike Posner has now transitioned from music to full time walker! After the death of his father Mike Posner decided something he wanted to do was walk across the country! He walks on average 10-15 miles a day and sleeps in…MORE

Charlie’s Angels gets a reboot

The television show, “Charlie’s Angels” aired originally in the 1970’s and made a come back in the early 2000’s with a movie series. Like all popular shows and movies these days Charlie’s Angels is back once again for a new movie starring Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks. Check out the trailer below!MORE

Jackie wins “Miss Auto Body Xperts” in Hudsonville

It’s summer time in Michigan and that means car shows! It seems like every weekend there’s a vintage car show somewhere around West Michigan. On Tuesday Gemmens in Hudsonville hosted the annual Auto Body Xperts car show. Over 300 cars came out to the event and filled the parking lots of Family Fare and Gemmens…MORE

Maren Morris is the latest celeb to pose for Playboy

It’s been a while since I heard about a celebrity I follow posing for Playboy magazine. I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a post from Maren Morris about her latest photo shoot for the infamous magazine! View this post on Instagram strip it down. something with @playboy is coming next week… 🌼 //…MORE