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Is Miley Cyrus Pregnant?

According to Miley is expecting her first child with new husband Liam Hemsworth.   The pair recently got married on December 23rd. Now she has NOT publicly said this is true but the online gossip forum claims to have the inside scoop! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on…MORE

The trailer for “Life Size 2” is here!

Who else remembers the epic Disney Channel Original Movie, “Life Size” with Tyra Banks, and Lindsey Lohan? That was one of my favorites growing up and Freeform recently announced that during there annual 25 days of Christmas they will be airing “Life Size 2” I’m freaking out!MORE

Jackie Green Visits WLAV for KISS

To celebrate KISS coming to Van Andel Arena our own Jackie Green visited WLAV to hook up their producer with his very own KISS look.MORE

HOT-FM Fam: Throwback Halloween

I was reliving old Halloween photos from the 90’s and I had to reach out to Ken, Rachael and Kelsey and see if they could supply me with photos of themselves on Halloween’s past. Sure enough we all have those awkward Halloween photos. Check out Rachael and her brother in 1998 as hippies and my…MORE

Halsey’s “Without Me” Has A G-Eazy Look-A-Like

Halsey’s new “Without Me” video is the answers we all needed about her relationship with G-Eazy. Besides the G-Eazy look-a-like, the video gives you a look at the whirlwind relationship full of chaos and passion. Fans even took to Twitter to talk about how much the doppelgänger looked like G-Eazy, with one focused fan noticing…MORE

How I went from blonde to pink and back to blonde with NO bleach!

I’ve always been fascinated by bright pink hair color. I think its so bold and fun but I was leery of dying my blonde hair to pink and not being able to get it back to blonde! I discovered that target sold a temporary tint by Kristin Ess called “Rose Gold Temporary Tint”. Basically its…MORE

Marshmello’s New Music Video, Happier

If you are like me you’ve seen this floating all over Facebook. Marshmello’s new music video “Happier” has quickly made the rounds, you have to watch it to see why.MORE

Post Malone aboard a plane set to make emergency landing due to blown tires

Rapper Post Malone is currently aboard a plane circling Massachusetts looking for a place to do an emergency landing due to blown tires on the aircraft. Follow the entire story HERE Twitter account @NYCAviation has been live tweeting the visual of the plane. This Gulfstream IV departed TEB several hours ago, blowing 2 tires in…MORE

Foul mouthed parrot told fire fighter to “f off”

It’s not often I share the ridiculous stories that pop up into my news feed but this one was too much not to share. The parrot had apparently escaped it’s owners home in London and sat on a nearby roof for three days! The owner of the bird, and people from the animal welfare group…MORE