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Amazon Buys A Rihanna Documentary

Amazon just paid $25 million for a Rihanna documentary. The documentary, directed by Peter Berg, was announced three years ago and will feature hours of unseen footage of the singer. Berg even said that the doc would, “be less of a music film and more of a character study.”  There’s no word on the release…MORE

FIRST WATCH: Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm”

Taylor Swift surprised fans by releasing a brand new Christmas song late last night. She posted a teaser video on social media, saying that she was considering releasing the song, but was looking for the OK from her three cats, Meredith, Benjamin, and Olivia.   View this post on Instagram   When in doubt, ask…MORE

People Are Wound Up About The New Peloton Ad

The new TV ad for exercise bike brand Peloton seems to have the internet talking. It follows the woman filming herself over the course of a year as the bike ‘changes her life.’ People on social media have been wondering what’s going on in the woman’s life, what her relationship is with her husband, and…MORE

The Gray & Green Show Surprise A Listener On #GivingTuesday

Earlier this week, The Gray & Green Show asked listeners to tag a friend or family member only who needed a little Holiday “Pick-Me-Up.” After receiving a large outpouring, they showed up at the home of one listener who had fallen on hard times. The plan was to make Rachael “ding dong ditch” a listener…MORE

There Are Codes to Unlock Netflix Christmas Movies

If you and the family want to get in the Christmas spirit early, there are secret codes to help you get all the Christmas movies on Netflix. There’s a code that will help you get the films that stream on the service from their particular genre. Now if you’re waiting with bated breath for the…MORE

Comedian Farts Powder For Gender Reveal

This will either be the funniest or most shocking thing you will see today… or both. Comedian, Paige Ginn posted a video of herself revealing the gender of her baby, however she took the gender reveal party to whole new level. She actually FARTED to reveal whether she would be having a girl or a…MORE

Pregnant Maren Morris Shares Sonogram Video of Her Baby Boy: ‘I Got a Wave Today’

Maren Morris gave fans an update on her pregnancy on Monday, (November 11) when she posted a sonogram picture of her baby boy, who appeared to be waving. “I got a wave today,” tweeted Morris. The baby announcement came in October on Instagram when Morris wrote about being in the “GIRL space,” referencing her latest…MORE

Don’t Fall for this Facebook Holiday Scam

For many, the holiday season is the happiest time of the year — especially for online scammers. They’ve returned with one of their most successful Christmas scams, the “Secret Sister” gift exchange, police say. The scam, which appears on Facebook, asks for “six ladies to participate in a Secret Sister gift exchange.” In return for…MORE

You Can Get a Free Reusable Starbucks Cup Today!

Starbucks is giving out free reusable red cups today to people who order their new holiday drinks.  And the cups get you a 50-cent discount on those drinks through the first week of January. But if you want one, you’d better hustle . . . because when they did this same promotion last year, the…MORE