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Could Your Kids Sue You For Oversharing Online?

Do parents who post pictures on social media of everything their child does have to fear a lawsuit for overexposure when their kid becomes an adult? Probably not. An expert who specializes in cyber law says there is a parent-child immunity doctrine that says a child cannot sue for a parent for civil wrongs committed…MORE

Easter Bunny Opens Can of Whoop-Ass on Feuding Couple

A video that’s gone viral has left the Easter Bunny at the center of a scandal. The clip, which appeared Sunday on Instagram, shows a man and a woman fighting in downtown Orlando. Suddenly someone in an Easter Bunny costume steps in and tries to break it up. When his efforts fail, the oversized bunny…MORE

The Avengers Cast Covers Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”

Everyone’s favorite history lesson in a song got the superhero treatment, recapping, not world events, but the entire Marvel franchise. Teaming up with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the cast of The Avengers covered Billy Joel’s classic “We Didn’t Start The Fire”. Released on Monday, the video brings fans up to speed on the…MORE

Couple Wants Neighbors To Cook And Clean For Them While They Raise Their First Child

Raising your first child can be stressful for new parents. Because sleep and free time become luxuries, many will lean on the kindness of their relatives and friends for help. But one couple in Philadelphia is, perhaps, expecting a bit much from the people they know, hoping that their chores can be outsourced while they…MORE

Pothole Fixes Man’s Rapid Heartbeat

Potholes may be the bane of drivers’ existence, but for one Nebraska man, a missing chunk of asphalt wound up saving his life last week. With his heart racing to 200 beats per minute, paramedics near Omaha rushed the 59-year-old to the hospital. As the ambulance’s tire hit the hole, the first responders say his…MORE

Street Eats GR Grand Opening This Weekend

The food truck trend is on the rise and Grand Rapids is fully embracing it! Street Eats GR is opening this weekend, it is the first food truck court with a full service bar and will feature rotating food trucks specializing in different cuisines sold by local vendors! It is also the prefect location located…MORE

Daily Dumb Dumb: Man Accused Of Flinging Pet Iguana At Restaurant Manager

Our Daily Dumb Dumb today is a real gem. It all went down at a Perkins restaurant in Painesville Ohio this past Tuesday when 49-year-old Arnold Teeter decided he was going to lay down in a booth, maybe take a little nap? When the waitress confronted him Teeter threw a menu at her which then prompted…MORE

Jason Momoa Shaves Off Beard

Some ladies may be very upset with this news! Jason Momoa sex symbol who first graced our presence on Game of Thrones as barbaric Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo and now is the superhero Aquaman has done something that has fans either really excited or really upset. Not many people know that he is very philanthropic,…MORE

44% Of Young Adults Still Do This

While turning 18 generally means leaving the nest to strike it out in the world on your own, many young adults still take vacations with their parents. According to a report from My Late Deals, when it comes to Brits aged 18 to 34, over 44 percent have gone on a trip with mom and…MORE