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The Emmys Rundown

The critics weren’t kind to the final season of “Game of Thrones”, but Emmy voters dug it.  The show picked up two awards last night:  Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor for Peter Dinklage.    But it won 10 trophies at the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend, for a total of 12.  That ties the record “Game of Thrones” set…MORE

The Navy Says a Leaked UFO Video Is Real and Shouldn’t Have Gotten Out

Back in December of 2017, three videos were posted online that showed footage taken by Navy pilots that supposedly showed UFOs. Well, the Navy finally addressed those videos, and apparently they’re REAL.  And they feature, quote, “unexplained aerial phenomena.” And on top of that, they say the videos should never have been released to the public. Now…MORE

Kanye Creates His Own Version Of “Crocs.”

 Next year Kaney West is releasing his own brand of Crocs.  They’re not actual Crocs.  They’re called Yeezy Foam Runners, but they’re close enough.    Although some people have compared them to some kind of Nerf contraption.   There’s no word on how much they’ll cost, but you can probably bank on it being in the…MORE

Beyoncé Drops Trailer for Surprise Special Releasing Tonight

Beyonce is releasing, Making The Gift Monday on ABC. Or as the network will now be known as ABeyC. The film will go behind-the-scenes as Beyonce records the soundtrack, The Lion King: The Gift. The special will feature appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Burna Boy, Pharrell, Jay-Z and more. It will show the recording sessions, family time and more. Making The…MORE

Is This Our First Look at Post Malone’s $3 Million Apocalypse Bunker?

Windermere gave a first-look at Post Malone’s new $3 million Utah home. The Instagram account shows the five-bedroom, six-bath 12,702 square foot mansion along with its luxurious accommodations such as a fire pit, basketball court, wine cellar, home gym, hot tub, recording studio, and 30 bunk beds for his crew. The most unique part of…MORE

Kylie Jenner Posed Nude for “Playboy” with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner & her man, Travis Scott teamed up for a “Playboy” photo shoot.  The pictures will be in the upcoming Pleasure Issue.  Although, aren’t they ALL “pleasure issues?” Kylie posted a teaser on Instagram where she appears to be fully nude, and Travis is shirtless but wearing jeans.  I would imagine that’s the gist of the whole shoot.  “Playboy” isn’t…MORE

Britney Spears’ Latest Instagram Post Causes Her Fans To Worry

Fans are once again worried about Britney Spears. The singer took to Instagram over the past few days posting video of her in two different dresses, one black, one yellow with the caption, “Black n yellow is a bumble [bumble bee emoji] y’all …. as in B …. my name y’all !!!!” followed by several…MORE

WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Learns To Pole Dance

Next weekend is the release of ‘Hustlers,’ with Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Constance Wu. In order to promote the release, Jennifer Lopez released a 13 minute video on how she learned to pole dance for the movie. We can’t look away…  MORE

Was Kanye West Caught Eating His Own Earwax?

Someone caught video of Kanye West where it looks like he’s eating his own earwax.  Which, naturally, is grossing the Internet out. In the video, Kanye appears to pick something out of his ear, and then touch his fingers to his lips.  Then, he’s kissed on the cheek by someone that is presumably Kim Kardashian.  That’s his cheek, so…MORE

LISTEN: Lindsay Lohan Has New Music

Lindsay Lohan is getting back to the music by teasing a new song called “Xanax.” The new song is about anxiety and self-care and while only 30 seconds of the song dropped on Virgin Dubai radio, the host guaranteed that the entire song would be coming soon. The release of “Xanax” stops an 11-year drought…MORE