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Ariana Grande pulls Justin Bieber on stage during performance at Coachella

In her recent Coachella performance her pal Justin Bieber decided to come out and enjoy the show. Well he didn’t expect to be randomly pulled on stage to his song, “Sorry”. A lot of people are mad because it appeared like he was lip syncing. Honestly, I think he wasn’t trying to perform he was…MORE

Ariana Grande’s #TBT is hilarious

I love a good throw back photo. I’m not talking just throwback’s of my friends and family but of celebrities! Their throwbacks are always fantastic. They either remind us of a favorite show, or song they had years ago, or even better they show us what they were like before they hit celebrity status. Ariana…MORE

Ariana Grande posted a pic with out her signature ponytail

When I think of Ariana Grande I immediately think of her signature pony tail! She pretty much always has it in and news flash… IT’S FAKE! Gasp! Well in a rare turn of events Ariana went online and showed off (with a snap chat filter) her ACTUAL hair, and get this, she has a bob!…MORE