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Justin Bieber does the bottle cap challenge

A few weeks ago the “bottle cap challenge” went viral. Basically its a karate kick to a bottle which can spin the cap fast enough to open the bottle. Justin Bieber is the latest to attempt the challenge and in his video he challenges his wife Hailey and Tom Cruise. Did I miss something? Why…MORE

Luke Hemmings of 5SOS challenges Justin Bieber

Okay this is getting a little weird! First Justin Bieber hops on twitter to challenge Tom Cruise to a UFC fight. It’s not clear why the singer wants to fight Cruise, or what makes him think he will win… but his tweet has been retweeted 41 thousand times, and liked 205 thousand times; which suggests…MORE

Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to fight

With out any provocation Justin Bieber took to Twitter to challenge Tom Cruise to a fight. The pop singer didn’t want to challenge him to just any fight he wants a UFC octagon FIGHT. I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you dont take this fight your scared and you…MORE

Sheeran and Bieber Debut New Music

The wait is over. The new song from Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber called “I Don’t Care” has been released. The single, which talks about romance in a good way, brings the two back together for a song for the first time since “Love Yourself” back in 2015. The new single is Ed’s first new…MORE

Justin Bieber opens up about crippling anxiety

Justin Bieber is not a newcomer to social media. In the past we have seen him share a ton of personal information on his Instagram and last night the star did just that. Bieber posted a black and white selfie with a caption all about dealing with crippling anxiety. He goes on to talk about…MORE

Ariana Grande pulls Justin Bieber on stage during performance at Coachella

In her recent Coachella performance her pal Justin Bieber decided to come out and enjoy the show. Well he didn’t expect to be randomly pulled on stage to his song, “Sorry”. A lot of people are mad because it appeared like he was lip syncing. Honestly, I think he wasn’t trying to perform he was…MORE

Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin’s Vogue cover photo

They made headlines last year when the couple decided to get married after what seemed to be a very short courtship. Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin have said in recent interviews that they almost feel like the public is rooting for them to fail. Because of that they are working extra hard to make their…MORE