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Woman Crush Wednesday: Megan Dooley

We need more women like Megan Dooley here in West Michigan! Megan is from Kalamazoo and one day was out bopping around downtown when she saw on facebook that there were a group of men in “Proud boys” t-shirts hanging out at a local brewery. Not knowing what the proud boys were Megan did a…MORE

Kalamazoo Central high school performs “My Shot” from “Hamilton” at graduation

Last week schools around Michigan celebrated graduation day. In Kalamazoo, people were out of their chairs dancing to an incredible performance of “My Shot” from the Broadway musical “Hamilton” This video gave me goosebumps and I can’t deny a few tears may have escaped. The passion these kids showed on stage in this performance is…MORE

‘Selfie’ Taken At Kalamazoo Fatal Fire

A fire started Thursday night in the 700 block of Academy in Kalamazoo and two officers decided to take a selfie in front of the fire that ended claiming two lives that night. The photo was posted on one of the individual’s social media but has since been removed.MORE

Kalamazoo Public Safety joins in on the viral “lip sync challenge”

Law enforcement officials all over have gotten involved in this viral challenge. It’s pretty simple, a group of officers lip syncs to a song of choice, and then loads the video onto the internet for our viewing pleasure. Kalamazoo Public Safety joined in the fun with a must see video.MORE

Where to celebrate Fat Tuesday in West Michigan

Where to celebrate Fat Tuesday in West Michigan

My boss is relatively new to the area and asked a question many people are thinking this time of year, “Where can I get a good paczki around here?!” Well lucky for you packzi fans West Michigan has you covered when it comes to donut shops that specialize in the delicious treat! Here’s a list…MORE