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Dora The Explorer gets live action movie

In 2000 the cartoon “Dora The Explorer” hit Nickelodeon. It blew up and for years kids could randomly spout words in Spanish thanks to the lovable Dora. Like every classic show or movie Dora is now getting a big screen make over with a live action movie! The trailer was just released and honestly, it…MORE

New trailer for “Frozen 2”

If you have young kids then you have probably watched Disney’s “Frozen” 1 million times or more. I know my daughter and I have seen it enough to be able to practically quote it word for word! Well rejoice fellow parents! There will be a NEW movie to occupy our children and it takes us…MORE

Will Smith goes blue for new trailer of “Aladdin”

When the first movie poster hit the internet people were very opinionated about Will Smith’s look as the genie. He wasn’t blue! A complete travesty; the genie’s signature blue hue is part of this charm. Will Smith told fans on social media, not to worry that he would indeed be blue but that didn’t stop…MORE

Netflix bought Zac Efron’s “Ted Bundy” Movie

We wont sit here and pretend we aren’t all a little curious about Zac Efron playing infamous serial Killer, Ted Bundy. The film, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 26th. I’ve always loved a good horror flick and to top it off seeing “High School Musical” heart…MORE

Scary Stories to tell in the Dark: Trailer

I have seen a lot of scary movies in my time but none of them have stuck with me like the imagery created in the book, “Scary Stories to tell in the Dark”. If you haven’t heard of this book then let me clue you in. It was originally written and published in 1981. It’s…MORE

From “Twilight” to “Batman”?

Team Edward fans around the globe may soon be cheering if this rumor is true! Recently it was announced that the latest Batman installment will not star actor Ben Affleck but if not Ben, then who? If you believe chatter on the internet then Twilight star, Robert Pattinson could be filling the caped crusaders shoes!…MORE

First trailer for the new ‘Shazam!’ movie

DC fans everywhere are gearing up for one of the upcoming films, “Shazam!” Starring Zachary Levi. I have loved Zachary Levi in everything I’ve seen him in since I first fell in love with the show, “Chuck”. Check out the first trailer for the film here.MORE

Amy Schumer’s new movie trailer

Amy Schumer’s new movie trailer

Amy Schumer’s latest movie trailer has been released and I think it’s going to be hilarious! Check out he trailer for “I feel pretty”MORE