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Jonas Brothers perform “Sucker” using classroom instruments

The Jonas Brothers appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” where they performed their hit, “Sucker” – but with a twist. the band of brothers squeezed into a small room with Fallon where they ditched their usual instruments and played with classroom instruments. We are talking a triangle, a banana shaker, and a clapper!…MORE

Portugal The Man accuses the Jonas Brothers of stealing!

Portugal The Man’s song, “feel it still” was HUGE last year. Recently the artist tweeted at the Jonas Brothers that he felt like their new song “Sucker” was eerily similar when it hits the chorus to his song “feel it still.” Portugal The Man admits that “feel it still” does sound a LOT like “mister…MORE

Joe Jonas shows a mini behind the scenes of “Sucker” music video

Do you love the Jonas Brothers comeback? Sucker just launched last week along with a super fun music video starring all the significant others to the 3 Jobros. Joe Jonas took to instagram with a little behind the scenes video from the “tea party” scene of the music video! View this post on Instagram A…MORE