Scottish Woman Exposes Lady Parts With Bathing Suit

This has got to be the kind of thing customer support people LIVE FOR. A college student named Lyndsey Brown from Glasgow, Scotland was on vacation in Spain with some friends this weekend. And she was having some serious issues with her bathing suit, specifically, it wasn’t covering her lady parts.

So she sent a message to the company. Quote, “Hey, I wore that swimsuit today, my vagina was hanging out constantly. Is it supposed to stretch like that?” She also included a photo.

And the swimsuit company wrote back, quote, “I have had a look at the picture you sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside-down.”

That’s right: The swimsuit was a one-piece with just one shoulder strap. And when she put it on upside-down, that shoulder strap was now at the bottom, and didn’t cover her up properly. One of her friends posted the text exchange on Twitter and now it’s going viral.