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2020 Allegan County Fair is Cancelled

The 2020 Allegan County Fair is unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The tough decision came after “Many months of deliberation and sad hearts”, the organization stated in a press release on June 30. The board of directors realize how much of a priority it is to keep everyone safe and they believe…MORE

Halsey and Marshmellow Release Music Video for Hit Song ‘Be Kind’

Escape your daily life for a few minutes with Halsey and Marshmellows dreamy video for their hit song ‘Be Kind’. The EDM bop, which was released several weeks ago, is filled with relatable lyrics and Marshmellows incredibly production that flows magically throughout the video. The music video follows Halsey around in an alternate and animated…MORE

Post Malone Launches New Rosé Wine ‘Maison No. 9’

Post Malone really does it all. This week Post Malone launched his brand new Rosé wine called “Maison No. 9″.  The wine is already off to a great start with nearly 50,000 bottles sold during the 2-day presale.  The wine is reasonably prices at $21.99 a bottle and sold in stores and online in almost…MORE

The Best Friend Test

If you missed it this morning with The Gray & Green Show, Rachael & Jackie took a test that is making the rounds online that is a series of questions to show whether or not your are in fact actually BEST friends with your friends. A lot of people question whether they are as good…MORE

The Getty Drive In Opens in Muskegon On Friday

The Getty Drive in is now open!  Movies will start showing this Friday! Here are a number of FAQs for the Getty, including a section specific to this season of social distancing:

Man Buys Cake To Celebrate Girlfriend’s First Fart

An Australian couple is celebrating quite the landmark moment in their relationship, and it’ll be the best thing you see today. Why was 24-year-old Ryan McErlean so happy with his girlfriend Kaylie?  Because after three years together, she’d finally farted in front of him McErlean says Kaylie is “more polite when it comes to that…MORE

There Is A ‘Friends’ Cookbook Coming!

While it seems they missed the opportunity to name it “The One With All The Recipes,” a Friends-themed cookbook is coming this fall. Set for release on September 22 – the show’s 26th anniversary – Friends: The Official Cookbook contains more than 70 recipes, 50 of which are inspired by the show’s 10 seasons. Give it your best shot with Ross’s Moist…MORE

Megan Fox Appears In New Machine Gun Kelly Video

Briand Austin Green has been pretty gracious about his split with Megan Fox. This week on his podcast he ultimately confirmed she was seeing Machine Gun Kelly after having met him on a movie set.  He even said,  “I don’t want people to think that [they] are villains or I was a victim in any way with…MORE

Snoop Dogg Jams Out To ‘Let It Go” in His Car

A video that Snoop Dogg took of himself sitting in his car, listening to “Let It Go” from Frozen, is making the rounds on social media. Snoop looks at his camera as the song plays and smiles… i would like to talk about this video of snoop dogg listening to the frozen soundtrack in his parked…MORE